About Us

Guangdong Transhell Packaging Company Ltd. is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture, which has been manufacturing Aluminium Easy Open Ends for more than thirty years. Our company established in 1991 in Shantou and later relocated to Foshan where we have been in operation since 2003. Transhell has several high-speed production lines and equipment imported from Europe and America,with an annual capacity of more than six billions pieces. Our products are widely used in the beverage packaging industry, we offer variety sizes of ends for both two-piece cans and three-piece cans...

Production Equipments

  • Coil Coating Production Line

    The designed width and thickness of coil coating line is1620mm, and 0.15-0.50mm, with an operating speed of 80m/min. The production capacity of the coil coating line is 3000 tonnes of Aluminium tab and end stock per month.
  • Coil Slitting Line

    Coil slitting line has an operating speed of 150m/min, with slitting precision of 0.05mm. Production capacity is 4500 tonnes per month.
  • Coil Scroll Cutting Line

    Coil scroll cutting line has an operating speed of 75 sheets/min, with cutting precision of 0.15mm. Production capacity is 1800tonnes per month.
  • Sheet Coating Printing Line

    Pak Kan use the latest technology on its sheet coating/printing line, knotting rolling coater which takes in use of the international advanced technology, such combination led to a better spread of coating on aluminum coil. The operating speed of sheet coating/printing line is 85 sheets/min. Production capacity is1800 tonnes per month.

Why Choose Us

  • Brand Advantages
    Good reputation and guaranteed strength
  • Quality Advantages
    High quality and
    food safety
  • Company Advantages
    Large factory area with complete equipments
  • Service Advantages
    Quick response, worry free after-sales service
  • Price Advantages
    Reasonable pricing and high cost-effectiveness

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