About Transhell

Transhell Packaging Company Ltd. is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture, which has been manufacturing Aluminium Easy Open Ends for more than thirty years. Our company established in 1991 in Shantou and later relocated to Foshan where we have been in operation since 2003. Transhell has several high-speed production lines and equipment imported from Europe and America,with an annual capacity of more than six billions pieces.

Our products are widely used in the beverage packaging industry, we offer variety sizes of ends for both two-piece cans and three-piece cans, included 113/200/202/ 206RPT/SOT EOE, 200/209 BE and 209 FA. In order to assist our customers enhancing their product image and competitiveness, we also provide value added services such as multi-color printing, embossing and engraving, QR code, and light weight to the products.

Transhell continually seek to build enduring relationships with our customers. With our excellent service and outstanding quality, we are an approved supplier of various well-known beverage brands, including Wahaha, Coconut Palm, Lulu, TAIQI, JDB, PEARL RIVER, Tsingtao Beer, Snow beer, Kirin Beer etc. At Transhell, our team strives to provide the best quality and service experience, willingly to go the extra mile to satisfy every need of our clients.

Corporate Culture

Company Spirit

Brave to innovate and pursue excellence
Unity and cooperation, honesty as the foundation

The objects of the Company

Survive with Quality, Win with Integrity
Innovative development and brand success

service Idea

Provide services bit by bit
Wholeheartedly serving customers

Core Values

Proactive and compliant operation
Safe production and continuous improvement


Provide customers with stable performance,
Reliable quality products and services

Company Vision

Gather the essence of science and technology
Creating a century old Baihua



Putting the striver first and the value creator first.

Baihua respects the contributions of individuals, regards strivers and value creators as talents and the core competitiveness of the enterprise. It is always committed to building a human resource management system that is based on strivers and value creators, and adheres to the employment orientation of "those who are capable, those who are excellent, those who are mediocre, and those who are inferior". Welcome mission oriented, striving oriented, and self driven talents with shared values to join Linkin and work together to create the future.

People Oriented

People oriented "is reflected in the respect and recognition of employees' labor by the enterprise, as well as the love and care for every employee by the enterprise.

Creating Value

Creating value "indicates that enterprises must promote their high-quality sustainable development by helping employees realize their personal value.

Co Creation and Sharing

Employees are the driving force for the development of enterprises, and "co creation and sharing" is the guiding ideology for enterprises and employees to share development achievements.

Successfully Shared

Respect every employee, provide a platform to actively guide them to participate in the innovative development of the enterprise, and create higher value for customers and society.

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